How to increase your business reach and sales?

Updated: Mar 26

Since 2020, businesses had to move online because there has been multiple lockdowns across the world.

Businesses that have chosen the online parallel path along with their traditional business models have increased their sales more than 200% in last two years.

According to UNCTAD, ( the overall online sales grew from 21 trillion dollar to 26 trillion dollar worldwide. And small businesses who had moved to online have significant percentage of share in this data.

Let's come to the point on how to increase your business reach and sales

Firstly, you need to start your business online so that your business has a global reach and not just local 5-10 km/miles of customer reach.

Secondly and more important thing that you need the right digital marketing.

Online business marketing is completely different than traditional business model.

In traditional business model, you can use billboards, newspaper ads, pamphlet distribution, local mouth publicity, etc.

But, online business is not limited to your local circle and customers from anywhere around the world can reach you and use your service.

In online business, we can use orgnanic search techniques to appear in google, yahoo and bing search results for all types of customer queries around the world.

Businesses can use paid ads on google, facebook, instagram, youtube, twich, linkedin, etc. and can also you use other social media marketing techniques.

These SEO, SEM and Social media services are important to reach to your potential customers. Otherwise, customers will not be able to know you and can't find you for their queries on various search platforms.

To summarize, you need to develop and host your website/app. And also do some work in SEO, ads and Social media marketing to increase your sales.

We at Oceansem are here to help you in both above. We have served more than 200 customers in last 10 years both new and existing businesses.

My next blogs will elaborate more details about all SEO and Social media marketing services. How these work and how it creates a large impact on your sales.


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